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Breastfeeding Challenges Due to Tongue & Lip Tie

As a father of three children who were breastfed, Dr. Siegel is sensitive to the urgency of feeding issues in infants who are breast or bottle fed, as well the additional stresses that Upper Lip & Tongue-tie places upon a postpartum family.  

It's a Family Affair…

Dr. Siegel welcomes a parent to stay with their child during the procedure which reduces patient/family anxiety:

"I was concerned about having the procedure done. I had contacted two other highly recommended dentists to release the tongue & lip via laser. Both those doctors would not allow a parent to be w/ the child during the procedure. That would not work for my family & I was unwilling to go through with it under those circumstances.

I'm so glad I was able to find a doctor who would take our concerns seriously, help us to be as comfortable as possible & would care for us afterwards. I'm willing to talk/email any parent who would like to contact me also. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Siegel and would gladly make the trip from Pennsylvania again to be in his care." 

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